Rev.Dr.Victor Vimal D.D.,
                                                 Founder & Pastor
                                    Chosen Generation Assembly Church

Jesus Who Came In Search Of Me

I wish to share my testimony for the glory of God. My prayer is that God must increase and I must decrease (John 3:30).

DEVOTED LIFE : I was born in a Hindu (a major religion in India) family. From my early childhood, I had limitless devotion to the gods of tradition. During school days, I would not leave my house without worshipping our deities. Never would I take a meal without performing puja with ringing of bells to the idols. I used to visit temples in different places fulfilling vows like shredding my hair, etc.

SATANIC ATTACK : During my early childhood my family lived in great wealth and I never knew anything about poverty. Suddenly a tempest began to blow in our family. My father fell seriously ill. Our wealth began to dwindle and we lost our peace. In order to get deliverance my mother went to many Jyothishas (astrologers) and sooth-sayers and sought their help by spending a lot of money in vain. As there was no deliverance, we suffered greatly. We feared the approach of night. During nighttime, the front door of our house would automatically open even though we have locked it. Some nights, stones would be thrown at our front door as well as in the backyard. When we look out, there would be no one around. During night hours the vessels in the kitchen room would be thrown about and the eatables kept in them would have disappeared. When we enter the toilet, the bulbs would be fused out immediately. On one occasion, my sister and brother received severe blows on their back and fell down to the ground losing consciousness.

DESPERATE CONDITION : During this period, as I was returning home from my work spot, I saw my infant daughter being thrown out from her cradle and I literally caught her in the air. Surely, it was the work of some evil spirit, which intended to kill her. I was so scared that I sent my wife to her mother’s house along with our daughter in order to keep them from danger. These happenings astonished me very much. Adding to this, my father died on the 19th February 1978 and I could not attend his funeral because at that time I was affected with chicken pox. I was grieved on all sides. I sought the favor of many gods for deliverance but to no avail because witchcraft had been set against our family. Our family gods too were unable to deliver us. We were supposed to be under Rahu (usually a torment for 7 ½ years). We would be set free only after 7 ½ years. We were sorely tired going after all the gods and I began to wonder if there was any god to help us. Frustration prevailed and I decided to commit suicide due to the weakness of my flesh.

STRANGE CIRCUMSTANCE : In this wretched condition, I suddenly remembered that a school mate of mine, called Selvaraj had once presented me with a Bible, which I had keep safely in the trunk box for about fifteen years. Helplessly I took the Bible and began to go through it from the New Testament. I was touched by the narration found in Chapter 5 verse 15 in the book called Acts of the Apostles. “They brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might over shadow some of them…everyone of them were healed”. In my frustrated condition, I began to meditate on this verse and prayed that god Jesus would be merciful to save me and my family. While I was muttering this prayer in my heart, a great sound began to reverberate in the hall, where I was alone. “Accordingly I will do..but.. but..” and the sound began to dwindle. Hearing the voice, I trembled. When my mother and others returned from the market, I narrated all that happened to me. I suggested that we should pray like Christians to Jesus, for our deliverance. Leading my family in prayer I alone heard God’s words once again, but none around me heard it as it happened in Acts 22:9. I felt that Jesus was speaking to me after going through Acts 5:15. He said, “The gift you asked me, I now grant it to you. I will stay with you and do greater things, signs and wonders. If you say ‘I have done this’ then I will depart from you”. As I had hitherto worshipped idols, my joy knew no bounds, when I heard the voice of the Living God and I fell before Jesus and went and said “Lord, truly I will never speak like that, please do not leave me” Jesus replied “You will see from this day onwards”. After seeing all my actions, the members of my family as well as my neighbors began to say “He has become a Man” because they did not hear God’s voice.

GOD's GUIDANCE : Due to devilish trouble, we had not slept peacefully during nights for months together. But, the same night I accepted Jesus a bright light entered inside our house. I was trembling with fear. Out of the brighter light, I saw a handsome old man. He was so tall, his head touched our roof and his hair was gray, his garments were bright white and his rays from his eyes were piercing through me. He said, “There is a cot in the backyard of your house. After removing the cot, you will find the awful things of witchcraft set against your family. Go and remove it now”. I looked at the wall clock and it was 2.15 am. So I said to God “Lord I will take it after the Sun rise. I am afraid now”. Immediately He disappeared and the brighter light also went off. But His words were still ringing in my mind “You will see from this day onwards”. I was anxiously waiting for morning and as the first thing, I went out to the backyard and found out what God had revealed to me during the night. I saw a paste like thing with hair, lemon and dirty things tied up in one leaf. I went to my mother and told what God told me to search and remove. Being from a Hindu background, my mother asked me to take them to the family vaidyar(magician) and jyothisha and find what to do about it.

MAGICIAN AND JYOTHISHA: First, I approached the magician and showed him the things of the witchcraft. I had informed him everything. He wondered and asked me whether my hands and legs were not affected by it. After reciting some mantras, he said, “You have received arul (grace of Esu Nabi, Prophet Jesus). He will protect your family. You firmly hold Him and let Him not go away from you”. Then I went to the jyothisha as my mother asked me to. He received the bundle of witchcraft, burnt it to ashes reciting some slogans. He too told me, “You have received the grace of Jesus Christ. I too know, Jesus is the real God. I have no alternative lively hood earning. I worship (man -made gods and deities) evil gods and wicked gods. I will sell talisman and tantric metal plates to illiterate people like your mother to earn my bread. How else can I earn my lively hood? If I accept Jesus Christ, I will have no other way to live. You do one thing; remove all the photos of all the gods from your house. Worship Jesus Bagavan and you will prosper. Your God will raise you.” The people who preached the gospel to me were none other than the Hindu sorcerer and magician. I would not have accepted Jesus, if people who call them Christians had preached to me. God graciously granted me the powers to overcome evil spirits. I have accepted Jesus as my savior. Soon, I started following Jesus through water baptism.

MIGHTY GOD IS SHEPHERD: The God who spoke with me during February 1978 keeps on speaking with me till date, performing many miracles and now I live for his glory. God takes me in His hands and uses me as His instrument to heal severe diseases and drive out evil spirits. My entire family received salvation, since He had delivered us from evil forces. I do what He commands. Thrice I went through the experience of death and Jesus took my spirit and showed me heaven, hell and the different parts of the world. Jesus still keeps me alive. All the good things God has done in my life can be written in volumes and volumes of books. I give first preference to God. Without Him I am lifeless. Jesus lives and so I live. God should increase but I must decrease. I am in short of words to explain the miracles and wonders Jesus performed in my life. He is able to do so in your life too if you believe Jesus. Let all glory and honor be to Lord and the Lord alone. Jesus, who met me, can also meet you!!

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