Welcome to Chosen Generation Assembly Church


We are happy that you took the time to visit us online, hope you find the resources that you are looking for and help you to grow and be strengthened in our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST .

You might find witness which will encourage our life in the Lord to be stronger and to be a witness for HIS kingdom. Our Heavenly Father is a Loving, Caring and awesome God, whose love and compassion cant be measured. HE is the Most High, HIS ways are not ours, HE is willing to give us the best even more than our dreams for our future. We are here to pray for you for your Strengthening in the Lord, for your personal problems, whatever it might be, There is nothing impossible for OUR GOD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.

HE is able to redeem us from whatever situation we are, If you need someone to pray for you or to know about our Lord's ministry through us, we encourage you to call our Pastor Victor Vimal the humble servant of God, Whom God has Blessed with the Gift of Prophecy, Healing, Delivering Spirits, and more. We also kindly invite you if you visit Vellore, India, to please come and attend our Church Services.

May God Richly Bless You


We have messages that God has spoken to awaken HIS children in the spiritual life and be cautious in this terrible world, to receive your copy in Audio tapes, CD's, VCD's & DVD's, please call us or write to us.


Teaching God's Word, Prophectic Ministry, Deliverance Ministry, Healing Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children Ministry, Music Ministry, Outreach Ministry, TV Ministry


Our Monthly Magazine has been a blessing to many around the world, God is using this ministry to teach HIS word, to see HIS magnificient power in doing miracles in HIS Children's lives, If you wish to have the magazine sent to you, please call us, we also have it here in PDF format to read it online.


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